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[Straight][Gay][Bisexual][18+]Safe Haven

Discussion in 'Kik Sexting' started by safehaven40, May 10, 2017.

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    Safe Haven

    The name says it all Safe Haven is the kik sexting group for you where you can absolutely be yourself without discrimination or harassment! The group is available for everyone regardless of your sexual preference. Straight / Gay / Bi-curious / Lesbian everyone is welcome and will be treated with the same respect as everyone else. Safe Haven is a constantly active kik group that tries to never leave a dull moment in your day. The community gross everyday thanks to the members who keep it active and we want to thank those who have stuck with us for so long through the good and the bad. With that being said, Safe Haven is going to go through change.

    Safe Haven Events & Updates

    • Change in staff team more dedicated and active staff members willing to help with problems
    • Discord (Discord is a mobile app so now you'll be able to talk to the females/dudes in the group through our custom discord channel)
    • Themes / Contest (Posting pictures and videos all the time can be boring while not have contest to spice things up.
    • (Hoping to have a video chat room and a site possibly later in the future.)

    For those who were previously with Safe Haven and didn't enjoy the experience just know you're always welcome back and we try to improve our mistakes. So maybe if the last experience wasn't good enough for you I hope this time when you return you receive a better outcome.
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