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Discussion in 'Kik Sexting' started by hottie00100, Mar 27, 2019.

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  1. hottie00100

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    Mar 12, 2019
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    Age: 26

    Name: jane

    Kik id: hottie00100

    Role: little girl _^

    Years experience (If applicable): 0 Years :(

    Preferred Nickname(s): girl? :p

    Location: united kingdom

    Orientation: united kingdom

    Looking for: online relationship


    I'm jane. 26Years old living in uk.

    I think I've always wanted to be a LG since some years ago, but have never had the chance to actually do anything in real life or online.

    This would be the first time for me to join a community, and I'm nervous! :D

    About me:

    I enjoy reading and writing, mostly I read novels with genres in fantasy, comedy, and a little romance.

    I like watching movies. My fave genres are comedy, thriller, fantasy, and drama. Oh and I still watch cartoon on TV. Hey, the authors are adult! So you'll never be too old to watch them! :D

    What I'm looking for

    An online relationship.

    I'd like to find a "daddy" or caregiver who is authorative but not rude.

    We can talk on here an kik to make it comfortable enough with you :)

    I like:

    Authority, gentle domination, light spanking, seduction

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