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Daddy looking for two female subs- daddy-sister relationship

Discussion in 'Dirty Kik' started by TrainingFemaleSubs24/7, Oct 19, 2017.

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    Oct 2, 2017
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    So first of all. Only females ofc. It’s handy if you are bisexual but not needed. I’m male, from europe, experienced master and in my mid twenties.

    I’ve recently been thinking about trying this three-way relationship/ dom-sub training. Where instead of it being one daddy and one sub. It changes into one daddy and two subs who then also help each other and learn from each other. (One can be the older sis and the other te younger/more submissive one but that doesn’t need to be the case) This can change things up and make things more interesting. Just to be clear. I’m the daddy, and Both ladies will have to listen what I say. Understood? If you can’t deal with that then don’t bother trying. Ofc that doesn’t mean you can’t be bratty or stuborn at times. Just be prepared to be punished or have extra (dirty) assignments for the next day.

    Anyway, so thats how that will go. When I’ve picked the two ladies we’ll make a room on kik. But not straight away ofc. You need to covince me, and I need to get to know you better. I’ll be selective.

    So not only will you get a new daddy to do dirty things with and talk too. You’ll also get a fellow sub as sibling :) doesn’t that sound lovely?

    So two important things:
    1. What do you need to do to get this spot?
    -message me. Tell me how old you are, your name, and explain to me why you want to be part of this daddy/sister relationship and why you would be perfect for it.

    2. What is expected of you

    - to be part of this relationship both you and your future sister will haveto do different kind of dirty assignments for me. Be it roleplay, dirtytalk, things through pictures, recordings or camera.
    If you are shy or insecure, dw i’ll give you time to slowly adapt to it. But in the end allot of the training and stuff will be done through these means.
    (Ofc I wont ask difficult stuff from the start. This will have to build up slowly) but be prepared and willing to do these things and test your own sexual limits.

    - to talk to me and your sister daily or weekly. As “a family” we support each other in whatever. Theres allot of dirty stuff ofc but also just general fun talka and support

    If you have questions about me or anything, ask them after introducing yourself.

    My kik is mr.baka123

    I won’t be too fust about age or whatnot. Norabout looks. I’ll love you, train you, respect you and fuck you as my babygirl. Both you and your sibling will be loved equally.
    kik girls

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