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[19F]JESSICA - Tired of fake girls? Just read this, and come to me !

Discussion in 'Kik Sexting' started by JessicaKKKZZ, May 30, 2017.

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  1. JessicaKKKZZ

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    May 30, 2017
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    Tired of fake girls who scam you and give nothing in return ?
    Tired of being dissapointed, where all those girls just take the money and run ?
    Tired and hopeless that there are no real girls on KIK that you could actually have fun with ?

    Read and make your decision now :)
    What do I have to offer ?
    Fun times, guaranteed
    Sexy nudes and videos
    Get my Whatsapp/Snapchat number

    Standard Prices
    $20 - 290 Nude pic collection + Sexting Bonus
    $30 - My sex videos + Sexting Bonus
    $40 - Sexy live, custom pics + Sexting Bonus
    $50 - Custom video + Sexting Bonus
    $100- All of the above+Whatsapp/SC ID

    Why am I not like the others?
    I know how dissapointment and poverty feels like, therefore I'd feel terrible if I'd ever trick someone

    Why KIK and no cam-chat sites? That means you're not real just because you have someone's girls pics !
    This is false, I hate showing myself naked to multiple persons. If I go with someone in particular I feel safer and nicer.

    What are your prices like ?
    They vary from 20$ to 100$, depends on what you want, you can also 'subscribe' to me for 100$ a month and you'll get my Whatsapp and Snapchat number, I'll talk to you, have fun with you, sext you, give you sexy pics daily - in private !

    How old are you ?
    I am 19 years old.

    Why are you doing this ?
    Let's just say I need this money :), and at the same time enjoying what I do.

    How do you take payment ?
    I take PayPal and Amazon Gift Card payments.

    How can I contact you ?
    On kik, at JessicaBS92
    kik girls

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